MSync – Mails from one Place

Aswin Anand and Moyeen of JEPPIAR had done a very good project of their final year.

It aggregates the mails from different service provider to a one common server. This services gets everything of the mail other than the attachments for the Mobile version.

Good that you can check your mails on the fly. The people around the camp were little cautious about the privacy policy and sercurity of the password and the mail ids they give over this service. But my view is once they launch this as a service. This will go great to have a great number of audience to live with this.

Guys :- Don’t worry that every one have your password online and greasemonkey scripts and loaded javascripts can read a lot of things from your browser and steal your password.

Looking forward for the service to be up.

Checkout the service as of now

Cheers – Ranjith

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