Remove Paper receipts at Toll Plaza

I have been handed over with receipts which were never checked in any form. I have never have an option to show it for any claims against taxes as I use a Own board car and all personal trips. But we have been forcibly handed over with the receipts which fills in my door cup holder and then thrown out on to the dustbin at the end of the trip.

There may be some cases in which the receipts are needed like commercial vehicles where they show it against their expenditure.

The number of vehicles on the road is increasing day by day and the paper usage in the toll plaza will be on the increase too. Why not the receipt be made optional ?

Helmet is Important But ..

Today morning I was watching people crossing the road by foot and two wheelers on the way to office. This is to analyse how do people observe the road before they take a decision to cross the road. More than 60% of the people are observing the wrong direction or not even care to observe before they take the decision to move. They are eying the right direction which needs to be observed when they are in the middle of the road. The lane discipline and the respect we provide for the signals are very poor.

One of the most used weapon on the road to go over take a vehicle in front is the Horn. Ear assists a lot in the driving. We do some judgment of the vehicle coming on the back using the sound we hear with our heads straight on.

Helmets reduces the visibility of the eye to the sides and also closes the ear reducing the sound we hear, hence reducing the most required senses for driving in India.

We have to agree that there are already people who uses helmet before the rule is imposed. But if you look at the way they observe the road in the right way and follow the rule to the required instant.

Helmets does a good job saving people lives when we hit. But How many of our people really know to drive with the helmet on road.

Airtel Support – 168 to 16.84

I wrote last night on the Data Usage Mismatch between the iPhone and Airtel.  Got a great reply from Airtel Customer Care.

When I called 121, I was instructed to write to When I wrote to the email id, It says I should send an SMS to 121 to get the details. I am not sure how will get a detailed report on SMS which is not possible via Email.

I am not sure how this email solves my Request.


Namaste !

Ref: Email dated 03-08-2012, enquring about 3G usage details for your airtel mobile number 9840787678.

Thank you for your mail to airtel and welcome the opportunity to assist you.

On receipt of your email, we tried contacting you on your number 9840787678; however, we were unable to establish contact with you.

As per your query in order to know the 3G usage we request you to send a SMS with content as 3GUSE to 121 (Toll free) which will be sent to your mobile shortly.

Should you require any further online assistance, you may contact our 24×7 helpline at 12134 (Chargeable at 50 paisa for 3 minutes) from any alternate airtel number. While calling from other service providers, please dial 9600012118 (Chargeable as per the respective network charges).

We hope that we have been able to fulfill your query suitably. 

Please do write in for any further assistance.

Yours Sincerely, 
Aaron Paul
Customer Care
Bharti Airtel Limited


I tried what they will send via SMS. But to my surprise, the sms 3guse to 121 responded stating that I have used only 16.84 Mb. I am not sure how my usage came down to 10% over an email and a twitter feed.

What a great Customer Support ???



Airtel 3G Usage Stats Mismatch

I signed up for Airtel 3G a couple of days back. I am mostly connected to Wifi at Home and office. I did not get a chance to use net via 3G yet. I signed up for the smallest plan [Rs 100/- with 300 MB of usage per month] to measure my usage before opting for the right plan. Today Airtel sends a message stating that I have used 168 MB of data via 3G Services. At the same time, the IPhone says that I have used only 19 MB.

I called up the 121 and asked for a detailed report on my usage. He asked me to wait till my next bill to get the details. Does he want me to use it an pay a heavy bill they send :( at the end. On asking him further, he asked me to send a mail to 121 at in dot airtel dot com. Sent a mail and waiting for a reply.

Cheers – Ranjith

Railway Ticketing Process


Last night I was at Tambaram railway station to receive one of our guest. It took nearly 30 minutes for me to take a couple of platform tickets.  There were more than 300 people standing on 3 queue to get tickets – platform , local train and the outstation ones. There were more than 50% of the counters closed. No Person in the railway department is bothered to open the closed counter to speed up the process. In one of the queue in which I was standing was  very slow  due to the slowness of the machine.

The lady in the counter uses a separate calculator to find out how much she needs to return to the person who gave a Rs 500 /= for a 270/- + ticket.  Can’t we upgrade the software to do this job. This will cut short a lot a time. I believe we have this in every other software used in super market today. The best part is that I gave three two rupee coins to take a couple of platform tickets which costs Rs 3/- each and told her that I need two tickets. She pushed the Coins towards her coin tray and asked ,  “You want one ticket right?”.  It was already 8 PM. I am not sure how long she is working in the counter or she is not interested in the job itself.

 There was a machine which can provide local and Platform tickets. But one need to use only railway card to purchase tickets. Can’t we make the machine work with the Credit card and coins? That will reduce a lot of manual work and also reduce the waiting time.