Service Visit Interaction

Two events that happened last week made me think, the service industry in India need to be equipped with better tools on how they communicate with their customers on pickup and delivery.

1. The service guy who need to pick up my bike for service made me 7 calls before he reached my place.

2. A Home furniture delivery boy was continuously holding the phone for more than 3 minutes giving me a running commentary of where he is at that point of time cross checking me with whether he is on the right way.

This happens some times with people who delivery my orders from Flipkart & Amazon asking about the location.

People really have better things to do than answering these calls. The GPS and Maps is very advanced today that this should be addressed by an App or built inside the Customer Service application.

One problem that needs to be addressed as part of the application or the System is capturing the availability of the person receiving the service at the mentioned location.

Are we building too many toilets ?

I live in a 3 BHK with 3 toilets. It has been built with an objective of one toilet per bedroom. Based on my experience, mostly two toilets were used effectively. We could have used only one if it is a Flat house than a duplex. It could have built this with just two toilets.

What is the problem ?

An average man spend only 15 minutes a day in the bath. That is a very less time we spend in proportionate to a bedroom or a Hall or a kitchen.

There may be real need for some homes but not all. Most people will be using it since because they have built it.

Reducing a bath could increase your livable area in a bedroom or a Hall by 50 t0 100 Sq Feet.

Relative Slowness

I used to drive at a speed of 100 Km/h in the highways. I used to maintain that speed that it is not that fast and not that slow. I pull my leg out of the pedal which slows down me to a lesser speed whenever I overtake a slower vehicle which was spending around 60 – 80 km/h. It gives a feel that I have come down a lot. But the reading on the speedometer will still show 90 km/h which is not that slow that the mind perceives. I am not slow, but the mind perceives it to be very slow comparing itself to the normal speed due to a mere psychological effect.

Today I came across a similar phenomenon of IPhone Slowness

Infographic: The
You will find more statistics at Statista

Print vs Process

I was on to the Ration office in Chennai to apply for a new card. One of the required document to be submitted is the Proof of Address. The application clearly states that it needs ANY ONE of the following document – Telephone Bill , Gas Bill , Bank Pass Book , Rental Agreement , etc.

I took just the BSNL Landline bill and went there.

A staff member asked me about the latest Gas Bill and told they will be mapping some code. I have clearly stated that I have a BPC Gas Connection with two cylinders which is the max. I have given details about the Gas Connection number too. Oops !!! Some process out of the blue has popped in.

I then was directed to a senior person who asked for a secondary proof of address. When asked about the fact that the application stated a need for one. She said that they have been instructed to get a couple of address proof and asked her to show to the person who will come for the residence verification. Somewhere someone has applied his brain hard enough to pain the people with a need for additional proof. Better if the same is added to the document provided along with the transfer form.

This is something that needs to be unified across most applications proofs.

Travel to Airport

When I went to airport a year back, I hired a cab from Fast Track, I had a great experience with them.

I called their number and Just said I need to go to Airport. The Customer care guy asked me the flight timing and started giving me a plan like You have to be there 2 hours in advance and Can I send the cab 2 & hours in advance to the timing adding another 30 minutes of allowance. I end up saying, “Let us go as per your plan”.

He made my effort of planning completely zero.

But the experience this time was very different. When I called them and told I need a cab for a flight of timing 1:40, the lady on the other side asked me whether she can send me a cab by 1:45 am.

I am not sure whether the Fast track lost focus or the guy last year was great. But I appreciate the effort of the guy who picked the phone last year for me as part of Fast Track.

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